A Potential line-up change?

South732Paw posted this 09 July 2015

I think something like this could definitely be successful and I frequently play on your site.

Move the 1.5k $10 rebuy/addon from 6:30pm to 6pm, keep registration open for two hours (similar to the nightly 10k and 5k). Increase the prizepool to $3k. (I honestly think $4k is plausible in this timeslot)

Work with 888 (shared liquidity) to have the 2.5k $100 High Roller at 7:20pm moved back to an 8pm start time, leaving the structure how it is. Increase the prize pool to $4k (it makes this routinely, and you guys could easily have 80 people in this tournament every night, you get better turnouts on sunday than party/borgata does in their nightly $100 10k)

Continue to have the 10k and the 5k in their given time slots. This gives people a solid lineup. Alot of people have been asking for the 5k to be moved up, but it is successful in its timeslot.. I think a similar tournament alittle earlier could easily get a following, people are definitely on the site as evidence by the entries in the nightly 10k.

So ultimately your 4 big tournaments of the night would be

6pm $3000 $10r/a

7pm $10000 $30r/a

8pm $4000 $100fo

9pm $5000 $10r/a

I don't know, give it a shot, if it doesn't work out you can always just go back to how it is now.

I originally posted this in the MTT section of your site, but after 3 weeks without a single response I decided to repost here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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wsopbill posted this 09 July 2015

You posted the same exact thing (word for word) a few weeks ago so I'm closing this thread and referring people back to your original post.


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