Allow rebuy during add-on break

As_and_Ks posted this 24 November 2015

A player should be able to rebuy as well as add on during an add on break. If they just got knocked out or are entering at the last minute there should be a chance to get the extra rebuy in before they add on.

In general there should be a double buy-in/rebuy option

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SprinklePony posted this 28 November 2015

While you can't rebuy or register during the add-on break (late reg ends before it starts), you can rebuy or double rebuy if you bust before the add-on break starts. Could extend the late reg period, but the add-on break already starts after late reg/rebuy period. Am I misunderstanding you?

Eatahoagie posted this 09 December 2015

You should be able to double rebuy during the add on time frame