Can't start new $1/2 FR table due to bug

DubSop posted this 13 July 2015

Sorry for starting a new thread but i cant find my old one about this bug. So right now in NV there are 2 tables named Carson City. One is a $5/10 and one a $1/2. When I doubleclick to open the 1/2 table it opens the 5/10 one. when i dbl click the 5/10 one it also opens the 5/10 one as expected.

Since Carson City is the only 1/2 table besides one that is currently full no one can start a new 1/2 game because there is no way to access the table.

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Wysedroid posted this 15 July 2015

I hope you get a response- I've been having trouble.

Anyway, I have, of course, been experiencing this as well and the way I've gotten around it is to have the full table open and then click the 'open identical' button on the top right of the table and it should open the right table. It's still an annoying bug, but this is a way around it as far as I know.

Hope this helps!