We wanted to communicate the process for how we will handle the final six players who will play out the remainder of the tournament at the Rio.

When the number of players in the tournament reaches 6, we will snapshot the tournament at that point and those chip counts will carry over to the Rio portion of the event on the 4th.

We will communicate to players via player chat that the final six have been set though we will not stop the tournament. All play after the final six have been set will not count.

As soon as the tournament is down to the final six and we have snapshotted their chip positions, we will be contacting those players by phone (please keep your phone available) to provide instructions (and travel assistance if necessary) for playing the final portion of the event at the Rio on the 4th.

In the case where one or more players bust out on the final hand of the online portion of the event, the live portion will be played by the remaining players.

For instance, if there are 7 players left in the tournament, and two players (Players A and B) end up all-in against a player who has them both covered (Player C) and Player C wins the pot eliminating both Players A and B, only five players would play the live portion of the event at the Rio on the 4th.

Last edited 09 July 2015