Poker Poker Poker, New law is in play in Qld,where poker tournament proprietors are allowed to have an entrance fee into there game, GOOD THAT WILL CREATE MORE INTEREST IN THE GAME,say the entrance fee is $30 with a stack of 25000 chips ,some are advertising that if you pay an additional $5.00 they will double your stack,do you think that it a fair tactic giving an advantage to the players who pay the extra ,i thought the game was supposed to be an equal chance to all players Some companies who run free roll games are asking players to pay extra CASH to receive an extra 10000 chips or buy raffle tickets to get extra chips,is that unfair as well,there again should those players all have an equal chance This post is going National, I would ask as many of you with a poker interest or not ,to give me your opinion in this national post , just comment If you agree with me say I agree with you,if you dont agree with me Say i dont agree with you, thx Bill Turner

Last edited 07 February 2017