EluZioN posted this 28 December 2015

Hi All,

I'm sure this will be deleted in seconds, but does anybody feel the site uses GeoLocation "disconnects" as a way to earn more? The site does not allow refund of tournaments (pre-start) for players that are "magically" found to be unable to verify location. Additionally, Today I was at a table (that I opened) for 5+ hours, and I got the magic "cannot verify location" and lost my seat (as chip leader) although I was able to re-login in 10 seconds.

If the site was "neutral" on their software flaws, it would allow unregistering from a tournament without verification (you still need to login), which is a gaming regulation and also should be afforded the same timeout as a disconnect if it was "legit" in a live game.

Sadly this is the only site for NV currently, they appear not to be content with their rake, and instead decide to manipluate which players are allowed to play as well.

WSOP, before you eliminate this post, please send me the log data why I was booted by your flawed software and why you have no provisions to rejoin, but a disconnected person gets 3 minutes.

Thanks, EluZioN

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tutuhelperx posted this 10 December 2017