As most people are aware, we only offer online poker to players who are physically located within states where it is legal and regulated. Players do not need to be residents or live in these states but they must be located in those states when they play.

You can still log into your account and deposit or withdraw funds from outside of NV and NJ but you cannot wager.

We realize that it may be tempting to try and play while not physically present in those states however we have a zero tolerance policy on people attempting to circumvent our geolocation protections.

We employ a sophisticated series of checks to validate every player's physical location. These checks are mandated by regulators, provided by licensed third-parties, and constantly evolving as new geolocation methods become available.

When a player's activity triggers flags in the geolocation system, the case is reviewed manually and the reviewer takes into account the types of suspicious activity (multiple malicious attempts vs a one-time mistake), the frequency of suspicious activity, and the risk threat.

If the activity crosses a specific threshold, as well as the regulators will be notified with a recommendation that the account be closed. These recommendations are almost always accepted.

This is not an accusation of guilt. It only signifies that the player's activity has created enough suspicion that, from a risk perspective, it is in the best interests of maintaining the geographical integrity of the games that this player no longer be allowed to play.

The reason we're posting this is that we want to make it explicitly clear how the process works so that there is no confusion.

We realize that in today's world that there are various tools and techniques that people use to do everything from watching videos blocked in their country to accessing sites that their employer blocks with firewalls. Some may even be tempted to try and use these technologies to play poker online but it will not work and may get your account permanently banned.

So what type of activity is likely to set off red flags?

  • VPN software installed on your computer/device (this may sometimes run in the background even though you aren't actively utilizing the program)
  • Remote desktop software installed on your computer/device (this may sometimes run in the background even though you aren't actively utilizing the program)
  • Playing from a mobile device that has been jailbroken/rooted
  • Multiple logins from different locations where it would be impossible to travel in a given timeframe (i.e. login from Florida at 6pm and logging in again from NV at 6:15pm).
  • Any pattern of behavior deemed to be attempting to circumvent geolocation or probing for weaknesses in the geolocation verification process

This is not a complete list of checks performed but these tend to be the most frequent red flags that are triggered.

For the vast majority of players, most of this should be of little concern but, again, we do want to avoid having to close a player's account because they think they can circumvent the geolocation checks without consequence.