How to find out how many App's I have!

dlstein posted this 10 September 2015

Does anyone know how to check how many App's I have? I've tried lookin' everywhere!

Thank you in advance, David S

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702BadBoyHR posted this 10 September 2015

Hope this helps.

Truthfulaj posted this 11 September 2015

I don't think you can.

seanam posted this 13 September 2015

You can check how many you currently have by going to the my profile tab in the main lobby and clicking on my rewards, I'm not sure how to see how many you've accumulated through the entirety of your play

DubSop posted this 21 October 2015

You can track them manually. write down how many status points you have to go to your next vip level. it displays this on the top left part of a cash table. If it shows your progress to next bonus$ you can change it to show the progress to status level in the settings menu.

So you can write that number down before you start playing for the month/whatever APP promotion is going on.

And the APPs you've earned is the number you wrote down minus whatever it currently displays.

If you want to know your monthly APPs and you didn't write down the number before you started playing that month you can ask support through email or live chat and they can pull it up for you.

Pokervane posted this 28 May 2016

The only thing more PATHETIC than the fact that this information is not displayed in real time in the client is the fact that no one from WSOP.COM has provided the courtesy of a response here (nor has @wsopcom when asked directly on Twitter).

I am so happy that Nanny Nevada is regulating this industry and watching it so closely for us. Er, at least, I'm trying to reconcile that with the concept that on every other "rogue" site on which I've played this information has been easily available and trackable and verifiable.

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