Mixed games/ Horse

seanam posted this 12 September 2015

When will mix games be available? You already have the capability to run horse, could you do that please.

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JamJam9000 posted this 17 September 2015

I agree entirely. It is kind of silly that 888 sites internationally have so many more games but in NV, we're so limited. In 2015, you'd think that the games not being offered would already be part of the norm, rather than the exception. Maybe the NGC makes it harder to approve games? Can this site add games like 2-7 and A-5? What is the added cost to doing so? Does it outweigh the benefits? There are a ton of people in Nevada (tons in Vegas alone) who would love to play mixed games rather than just hold'em/stud/omaha. And if there's a huge cost to the site to build this (doubtful since they're already implementing/using existing software), players in these games would likely feed back (in rake) to that cost quickly. These people want games where a good player can exploit more of an edge vs. someone who wants to try their luck against them. If that sounds predatory, hey, that's poker :D Of course I'd rather have something like Rush/Zoom Poker or Badugi, Stud hi/lo regular, NL Omaha, etc. But why can't we get a triple draw game going first and build from there? Or Pot Limit Holdem. It's so disappointing to have a site that is so well run in terms of fluidity and a lack of glitches but so lacking in game selection, player options, etc. I feel like we're playing on a site offering games from 2003 instead of 2015. This site feels like a shell of the others. And I (of course) don't mean to offend or seem unappreciative. I just think it would be an obvious feeling to many in terms of the site's simplicity. While it's nice to have online poker period in NV, it would also be nice to have additional games. I feel like a lot more people would be open to the idea of playing if they felt like it was a more "full service" site.