I 100% agree with hoagie.. NJ has a lot of mid stakes players, most likely I wont be playing in any of the ME satties (unless you have a mega satty again, like the 5 seat gtd last year). But I would definitely be interested in playing for some smaller events.. like the colossus, lucky 7s, $1k events and $1.5k events. I would be in favor of something like 2k gtd package for the colossus (ticket and travel), maybe a 2.5k package for the lucky 7s & 1k events and 3k gtd package for the 1.5k events. Dont get me wrong, the ME is awesome but there are a ton of other events going on.. So lets get some NJ players in them!

I would of replied to hoagies post, but it was locked.

Last edited 23 May 2015