The gap between the lower spots is bigger than the gap between the higher spots in some places. For example, look at the payout scale for the $200 buy in tournament with a $20,000 guarantee which I believe is the biggest weekly tournament on the site. This tournament was held Sunday September 6th...

1st...5,853.40 2nd...3,386.61 3rd...1,944.61 4th...1,526.06 5th...1,317.01 6th...1,107.96 7th...878.01 8th...585.34 9th..439.00 10th...365.83 11-15th...365.83 16-20th...334.48

For example as you can see the difference between 7th and 8th is $292.67 but the difference between 4th and 5th is only $209.05. This should not happen. The higher you get on the pay chart the wider the pay gaps should, not smaller. Also, for some reason they separate 10th from the 11-15th payouts even though they are the same amounts...why not list them on same line as 10-15th?

I have been told this is handled by the promotions department, but they won't get back to me...I emailed and over a month ago and they have yet to give me an answer. I have also tweeted wsop. I am wondering if anybody here has the email address of wsop promotions?