The opt-in system is ridiculous. It does not work consistently. There is no way to have visual confirmation on your account that you have been opted in, or how far you have to go to complete a bonus.

There are not enough marketing dollars to provide all players with bonuses. But a few simple changes will save thousands of customer service man-hours dealing with calls about this issue.

**They absolutely need to have a listing on the app / site that says: You are currently opted in for these promotions.

They absolutely need to have a status bar to show you how far along you are with each promotion.

In a perfect world, it shouldn't be necessary to go to a website to opt-in. A feature that allows you to opt-in on the client app would be a huge improvement.**

This issue was brought up in another thread. But just so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, I thought it wise to create this petition.

Please bump it or add your thoughts. Hopefully the management at WSOP will realize this is an issue that should be prioritized.