Players Choice Champions 1k Freeroll

DeGlutenous posted this 24 March 2016

Tonight is the first player's choice champions freeroll, advertised in this promotion:

It's a 1k freeroll that pays out five seats to a $200 tournament. To enter this freeroll, you had to win one of the live $125 tournaments listed on the promotion page.

Currently there are three players registered. The tournament is tonight at 6, and it needs eight players to run. I believe that there is a good chance less than 8 players will register.

I emailed support asking if I would still get the $200 seat if only three people register and the tournament doesn't run, and was told no, if the tournament is cancelled, will just keep the 1k prize pool and the promotion will be cancelled.

I believe this is absurd, and the 1k freeroll should be paid out to the people who register, regardless of whether or not the tournament runs due to your arbitrary minimum of eight entrants.

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wsopbill posted this 25 March 2016

I think you posted this before you and I spoke. We will pay out the $200 TRT's.