Reload Bonus Issue

YourNighmare posted this 11 June 2015

I called and specifically asked if the 1000 reload bonus can be deposited over multiple deposits and was told that the answer is yes.

So I did 2 500 deposits (mainly because online banking limit is 500 per day).

I was only given the bonus for the 1st 500 deposit.

I called and was told to wait 72 hours.

I called once that time frame had elapsed, and was told that it is a one time bonus and that there is nothing that can be done despite them acknowledging that I was given incorrect information.

Please advise, Bill or whoever cares about one of you high volume regs - if you do at all.

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wsopbill posted this 11 June 2015

Sorry for the miscommunication. The policy is that the bonus only applies to one deposit. I've spoken with support and you should be credited for both as it was our fault for giving you the wrong information.