Review of hand

AnGo360 posted this 21 September 2015

Hey guys, sorry if using the wrong thread. I just played a tournament and a hand i would like to get some respons on. My stack : arround 30k. I raise up my AQ in early position to arround 2-3k and BB calls. Flop comes: Q77 and i bet arround 1/2 of the pot, he calls. On turn 3 comes up. Again i fire another bullet for about 1/2 of the pot, a little less since im sure i got the nuts. He re-shoves all-in and i snapcall. He shows me his 27s and takes the hand. Is there anything i could do different? Since i was sure i had the nuts.

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seanam posted this 24 September 2015

If you want to go over hands pm me, but I don't think you'll get any responses here just because the player base is so small right now and we all play each other daily. But you could tell us who the other player was :)

Bradtastic posted this 20 November 2015

Really hard to give any feedback without knowing blind sizes and BB stack size.

Erin6297 posted this 08 June 2016

great post