Run It Twice/Final Table Deals

JamJam9000 posted this 17 September 2015

PLEASE allow us the option to run it twice if 2 players agree to it in PLO/PLO8 games. It is such an incredibly nice option to be able to minimize your variance or maximize your edge. It's awfully nice in cash games and if both players agree to it, there shouldn't be an issue. Also, it's become extremely standard in live casino games as a tool to create action and make the game more player-friendly. Adding this would only be a bonus for you guys as weaker players would be less hesitant to gamble knowing that even if they were crushed, they'd still have a shot at the pot. Good players benefit from minimizing variance and bad players can enjoy the game recreationally knowing that they aren't going to get completely crushed every time and turn them off toward playing again. It's exciting and also has a giant ancillary benefit or adding to the house take w/ more rake being contributed, more often.

Also, it would be nice to be able to do some form of negotiating/chop discussion during the late stages of the bigger tourneys especially. This is a common conversation I hear during FT's or discussions about tournaments.

I know that both of these (individually and collectively) are asking a lot, but they would both be awesome adds if possible...only cuz you're asking for suggestions for how to improve the site and make it more player-friendly.

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seanam posted this 17 September 2015

Final table chops should definitely be implemented! The run it twice option would be nice but for some reason I feel like NGC would make WSOP run around in circles to have these options if not these would be really nice. RIT for all flop games obviously.

wsopbill posted this 18 September 2015

Running it twice is not that common in casinos at lower stakes. It's mostly for high-stakes games and not many of those take place online. Additionally, as @seanam pointed out, there's an extra regulatory element that needs to be considered. So this probably isn't going to be a high-priority item for us right now.

We are considering a final table deal making feature but it's still in the planning stages.

RichStabone posted this 24 September 2015

+1 Final Table deals or ICM chop option any tourney with $1000> prize pool.

seanam posted this 24 September 2015

Final table chops should be available for all tournaments accept sngs, I say that in case you guys take into consideration replacing all the hourlies with MTT sngs.

Options should definitely be ICM, Chip chop or custom. In all your guarantees you should no matter what set aside a certain amount to play for regardless of deal.

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