Eatahoagie posted this 15 May 2015

I think there should be weekly 1k packages going on every week . Bill Rini said that last year " there was a lot of overlays " so they didnt want to get hurt this year. But the overlays came mostly in the 10k giveways to the main event. And so far this year, every sunday I think they have hit their Grtds on the ME giveway. If they did 2k packages every night , for like a $20 rebuy and addon , you would only need like 34 people to hit your mark. they could even do step programs like 888 does to get into their bigger tourns. It just doesnt make sense. This year is the first ever 1k online bracelet event , and I dont understand why they arent trying to get as many people from NJ out there as possible. If a NJ player ships any 1k event for a bracelet that they won from an online Satte in NJ , it would be big news and would help promote online poker !

Im starting a poll, to express interest in more online satellites in NJ for 1k or 1500 events, please vote, spread the word and pass it on!

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wsopbill posted this 15 May 2015

Thanks for the feedback. If we see enough demand we'll add more qualifiers.

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