One of the requests that we received during the last WSOP was for an easy way to get a list of tournaments going on each day. While we provide a handout at the Rio, some players wanted an easier way to access the information on the go.

We've settled on two possible options (and we're open to hearing other suggestions):

  • We can post an image file of the major tournaments for that day on Twitter with a hashtag so you can just search for the hashtag and get a daily update.

  • Subscribe to us on WhatsApp and we'll send you an image file
    containing a a list of major tournaments.

The Hashtag option is probably the least invasive but you would have to go on Twitter each day and search for it.

The WhatsApp option would deliver the information to you without any effort on your part but it would require a little bit of a setup at first (you have to add us to your contacts and send us a message first).

Which would you prefer? Or do you have a different suggestion?