SNG leaderboard updating

DubSop posted this 21 October 2015

Hi, I like the new look of the sng leaderboard webpage. One thing that is missing though is a field to tell us when it was last updated like the old spreadsheet system had.

It seems like it updates in the mornings and then sometimes i notice the numbers changing midday but I'm not sure when.

Any plans to go to realtime updating soon?

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WSOPpromotions posted this 21 October 2015

We're glad you like the new look of our leader boards. We're pretty happy with them too.

Right now, the leader board numbers are updated six times per day (every four hours). We're not currently considering moving to realtime updates, but we may look at implementing them sometime in the future.

DubSop posted this 26 October 2015

oh, 4 hours is a huge improvement. I'll take it!