SNG Satellite wishlist - Nevada

aaron9000 posted this 02 June 2015

1: Please add :55 breaks to the $1 Sattys. Sometimes these run for 30+ minutes each and it would be nice to take a break. Also most players have multiple SNGs/MTTs going and it is extremely inconvenient to have to skip breaks because the $1 Satty just entered High Blind Play right when the normal break period starts.

2: Please keep the SNG Sattys after the OC & WSOP end. This way players can get into the weekly $15K for only $1.00. You don't lose any money by leaving them in, and it gives micro players a shot to play in the big tournaments.

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wsopbill posted this 02 June 2015

Thanks for the suggestions. We'll look at 1 to see how many are running long and on 2, if the demand is there, we'll definitely offer something in that price range.

wsopbill posted this 03 June 2015

Break added

aaron9000 posted this 02 August 2015

In the $1 SNG Satellite that is currently offered, it does not have the normal :55 break. Can you please add the break (again)? You've added other Super Turbo SNGs that all have breaks even though they have a faster structure than the $1 Satty. Thanks.

wsopbill posted this 10 August 2015

We've added the break back.