Too often?

end3r posted this 16 September 2015

Are turns and rivers hitting the underdog too often?

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woodm25 posted this 17 September 2015

it seems to run in cycles imo. I play mostly sng's and when I get hit by about 3 gross beats in a row I call it a night because it will go on all night like that.

SprinklePony posted this 19 September 2015

Could someone from just explain how the deck is randomized? Do you use an algorythm/RNG, or is the randomness linked to natural events (white noise or what ever) as many gaming sites?

Unless's software is crap, you're just noticing variance. If we had access to full hand histories that we could data-mine with tools like Poker Tracker and Hold'em Manager, then you'd be able to run your own hands and see how far they are off of expectation (of course, you would need a large sample size before the results would be usable; 100 or even 1000 instances won't cut it). Another reason to make full HH available!

JDA21 posted this 19 September 2015

I was playing earlier in a tourney and some guy was shoving preflop almost every hand. I finally picked up a hand and called him.

Hero-77 Villain-52 clubs

flop 355 turn 7 river 5

now that is bad beat!