Tournament Director Rules

kennethrayelder posted this 30 May 2016

Why would the WSOP poker site not follow TDA rules for tournaments? It makes me mad to see guys disconnect before their blinds, then win a pot! Their hand should be folded if they are not in their seat by the time the second card is dealt.

In this age of technology, connections are no longer lost due to modem issues.

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wsopbill posted this 31 May 2016

The TDA rules cover live tournaments. They don't really factor in many of the differences in online play.

And while you are correct that many of the modem type issues have gone away, network lag still exists. Geolocation is another factor that might interfere with gameplay before they have a chance to act.

Appreciate your feedback.

MaryPrior16 posted this 16 September 2016

thanks for posting