Towards unerstanding tournament dynamics

TX_Transplant posted this 25 September 2015

Freerolls are 'Wild West' enough, so when I put money in, I have a preference for freeze outs. I did just play a 2R1A and that was plagued by crazy all-ins early on until the game settled down. I am totally in alignment with "you pays your money, you takes your chances" so this isn't a complaint about bad players. They are what they are and the bad players will typically help you build your stack more often than decimate it. But I generally avoid unlimited rebuys due to the variance. I am looking for feedback from both staff as well as players as to why these are so popular in a space where I expected more serious players and the freezeouts get cancelled so often? I can see where the numbers lie, especially in the FRs and in the rebuys, but I am flummoxed as to why. SInce I was hoping this would be the premiere site in the new era of online play in NV, why would this lobby occur to me as freeroll-central-plus? I have been in town for a couple of weeks and hoping to extend my stay to maybe permanent. I'm coming from Houston where a lot of games are underground, or bar poker, and the tournament offerings are just turbos designed to get you on the cash table. Right now I am about to head out to Aria for their nightly tournament, but I'd like to think of as regular place to put my tournament dollars. Am I just set up for disappointment? My Sweetheart funds my endeavors as she has faith in my ability to grow and learn and as such I owe her a realistic assessment of funding this site. I didn't come here expecting to find the traffic Poker Stars had pre-Black Friday, but I thought there would be enough quality play to hone growing skills. I hope no one takes offense as my description is only intended to suggest that I am trying to be a serious player. I got away from the tavern poker in Houston because playing in those fields was definitely teaching me bad habits. Thanks for your consideration and thoughtful replies. See you on the felt (I hope)

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seanam posted this 25 September 2015

What exactly are you asking? Why are rebuys popular or why do people play freerolls or all of the above?

I wouldn't even say the rebuys are popular but they have guarantees so the values there.