weekly sng leaderboards

zalenj posted this 23 September 2015

I like the sng weekly contest,,,but, wsop should consider doing it the way pokerstars did in something they called "battle of the planets"...you got scores based on finishing in the money(similar to wsop)..however, they only counted your first 100 games for the week...this way they still got a lot of play, but, it made it a fair assessment of ability versus someone who plays massive amounts of games...it would even be better if you did it in 50 game clips..this way if you did not do that well in the first 50, you still might have time to get another 50 in by the end of the week...try it one month and see what happens

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winbotter posted this 24 September 2015

Quick question, do people on the weekly SNG leaderboards use hand histories. I mean like hands bought from a site like hhsmithy.com or others and loaded into software like PT3 or HM?

Or do you not do that here?

Thanks for the help!!!

seanam posted this 24 September 2015

No huds are not allowed, but you can review your own hand histories yourself

woodm25 posted this 10 October 2015

The first 50 sounds like a good idea to me. Even if they split it into two boards to reward higher win/finish % and the guys who can+ play 100 games a day. we know the sites goal is to encourage as much play as possible so I doubt a skill based reward will win out over a volume award.