Why don't the reps respond here more?!!!

Time2PlayTheGameee posted this 27 July 2015

Does anyone else think the lack of participation and responses by the WSOP is a bit alarming? These forums are new, yet the reps have been very slow with responses or telling us about news regarding the site. I am not trying to knock the forums, but it would be nice to see similar participation to the Party Poker Reps.

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wsopbill posted this 27 July 2015

We do try to follow up all questions with a response. That said, we do tend to hold back on suggestions as we would like to see how those play within the community rather than jumping in. Often not everyone agrees on the suggestion and we want to see that dialogue happen at the player level rather than commenting.

In terms of news regarding the site, what would you like to know?

Time2PlayTheGameee posted this 27 July 2015

Thanks for the quick reply. I think the forums look great, but could use more responsive reps. Party Poker has many obvious blunders, yet they are still good at promoting their site. The Party Poker rep is very quick with answering questions, and incorporating the feedback that they get. For instance, if they receive feedback that they need a new tournament or time slot they will consider it. They have made a few changes based on feedback, while I have not seen this on WSOP.