hands269 posted this 13 September 2015

Why does wsop not have all-in protection ? why not more features like-- show how many players online player search money transfers from player to player this is just a few if you have any answer or ideas let me know !!!!

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seanam posted this 14 September 2015

P2P tranfers has something to with the laws and that's why they don't allow it afaik, not being able to search players probably prevents bum hunting and maybe laws are involved not sure but don't mind hunting down certain players.

But we definitely need all in protection +1 to that

wsopbill posted this 16 September 2015

@seanam is pretty much spot on.

P2P transfers will probably not be allowed in a US regulated market anytime soon. There are a lot of legal issues with this.

The benefits of player search are far outweighed by the downsides of players using such a feature to seek out weaker players.

All in protection, aka disconnect protection, was something that made sense years ago when internet connections were unreliable (i.e. many people still used dial-up). Today with the always-on connectivity that is far more common, disconnect protect has too much risk to be used by players who want to see a showdown but don't want to pay to get to the river. They could simply unplug their ethernet cable or disconnect their wifi connection whenever they found themselves in a situation where they didn't want to risk any more money in a hand.

JamJam9000 posted this 17 September 2015

I don't like disconnect protection since it alludes to the types of situations you're talking about...players trying to limit their liability in a hand, BUT I'll also say that the internet providers here also aren't exceptional from time to time. I have Cox and get disconnected PLENTY from my internet. During huge hands or near the bubble in a tourney, it's extra frustrating. It just happened to me and a slew of other players last night during one of the bigger nightly gtd tourneys. There was also an instance awhile back where the site was doing maintenance at a certain time while nightly's were still running w/ FT money on the line. This shouldn't happen. Upon going to the site, it mentioned that there was Site Maintenance being performed but I didn't see this msg in my dialogue box because I don't have the dealer msg's on.

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seanam posted this 17 September 2015

Yeah this went completely over my head and after thinking about it, it makes sense not to have all in protection. Players should just set their timebanks on automatic just in case they do get disconnected.

Da_Sheik posted this 17 September 2015

Even though my time bank is set on auto, major of the time when I start a new session and log back on the time bank seems to be set back to manual even though when I check the settings it shows the time bank set to automatic... Most be a technical problem that needs to be addressed.

SprinklePony posted this 08 October 2015

I agree with no all-in protection, but, yes, the time-bank 'auto' option is VERY faulty, and needs to be fixed. Til then, mentioning that is just a joke, if not an insult (unless it always works in the case of a disconnect ... in that case, valid point, but ... still, please fix it).

As for 'bum-hunting,' aka table selection, what is the big problem you guys have with this? Instead of having a player search option that would take 2 seconds, I scroll through tables for 20 seconds (this is were using icons saves me time). Bum-hunting is the entire point of player search, what other 'benefits' would there be? Playing with friends ... text them and ask what table they're at.